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Submit your website to the chinese search engine www.baidu.com

1) Visit this link


Enter your top level domain to in the edit box "URL地址"

Tip: You can use my Vocabulist bookmarklet to translate the chinese characters to english or other languages so you know what's going on.

2) You must now solve the Chinese Captcha below, this is not easy! Best is to refresh the captcha a few times until you have some easy looking characters (some chinese characters are made up of two symbols, best to avoid these!).

3) Then visit http://www.nciku.com/. This is a website which has a nice online app which you can use to draw a chinese character which the app automatically matches (chinese character recognition engine). Select the closest fitting characters and copy and paste in the captcha field. Try to be quick because it seems that the captcha has a timeout.

If you are lucky and have entered the correct characters quickly enough then you will see a confirmation dialog :-). If you are unlucky you will see a new chinese captcha and have to redo :-(

Jun 17, 2014 Category: SEO Posted by: dave